May 27 2012

Gary Johnson Polls 9% in Arizona According to PPP

Source: Independent Political Report

Public Policy Polling has been diligently including some third parties in their polling recently. In Arizona, Public Policy Polling ran a general election poll and included Libertarian Party nominee and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who received 9%.

One thing that could make the race more competitive in Arizona, perhaps more so than other states, is Gary Johnson’s presence on the ballot as the Libertarian candidate. He pulls 9% in Arizona and he takes a lot more support away from Romney than he does Obama, narrowing Romney’s lead in the state to 45-41. History suggests it’s quite unlikely Johnson would really pull 9% in the end but it shows how many voters are unhappy with their main choices in this race.

Johnson’s Favorables vs. Unfavorables were 7/14%. 80% of those polled about his favorables were not sure. His favorability rating amongst Democrats was11%, while it was only 4% amongst Republicans, and 5% amongst Independents. His highest favorables were amongst Hispanics–at 13%, versus 5% for white and 8% for others.

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