May 02 2012

Will California AIP Put Virgil Goode on the Ballot?

Source: Independent Political Report

The ballot qualified American Independent Party in California, which was allied with the Constitution Party and its predecessor, the US Taxpayers Party, for the purpose of presidential ballot access from 1992 to 2004, was taken over by a faction that supported Alan Keyes in 2008. As a result, for the first time, the Constitution Party’s national ticket was not on the ballot in California.

Since then, a group which remains allied with the national Constitution Party and the group formerly allied with Keyes (they parted ways this year) have been suing each other for control of the AIP and its ballot line, but so far the group formerly allied with Keyes has remained the recognized affiliate with state ballot access.

However, rumors are going around now that there may be a reconciliation underway and that the current AIP leadership may put the Constitution Party’s national ticket of Virgil Goode for President and Jim Clymer for VP on the California ballot. Given that California has the highest population of any state, that would be a big deal for the national ticket’s overall numbers.

At this stage I have seen no solid evidence of whether this will happen or not. Readers are welcome to share opinions and facts in the comments, but please keep ad hominem incivility to a minimum.

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