May 02 2012

Former Fundraiser’s Lawsuit Against Gary Johnson Dismissed on Technicality

Source: Independent Political Report

As previously reported on IPR, a fund raiser claims former New Mexico Gov. and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson owes him more $100,000 in commissions and fees.

Jonathan Bydlak filed suit in federal court against Johnson, Johnson’s campaign committee, Johnson’s “Our America Initiative” PAC, and other defendants, seeking damages for fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.

Hammer of Truth reports

On Tuesday April 24th, Judge Liam O’Grady dismissed the case citing a lack of jurisdiction over several of the defendants. In addition, O’Grady noted that no single defendant was being sued in excess of $75,000, the court’s threshold.

A copy of the judge’s order is here.

Hammer of Truth notes

Bydlak may yet still pursue his legal gambit by resubmitting in the correct venue, as we’re pretty [sure] he’ll do if he’s still miffed about that $105K he claims he’s owed.

Johnson’s campaign acknowledges that Bydlak is owed money, but disputes the amount, claiming it is only about half of what Bydlak says he is owed.

Also, on April 27, Johnson filed his application for matching funds with the FEC, claiming to have raised at least $5,000 in donations (with no more than 250 per donor counted towards the total) in each of 23 states. In IPR comments, George Phillies notes that the issue of whether Johnson’s campaign for the Republican nomination prior to December 28, 2011 and his campaign for the Libertarian nomination since that time can be counted as one entity for this purpose still needs to be decided, so the application is not necessarily a slam dunk.

Phillies reports

Continuing our coverage in the last issue, in February 2012 the Johnson campaign raised $41,879 and spent $40,917 of it. That total marks a major decrease in campaign income. In January, Johnson raised $65,592. February is a shorter month than January, but in February Johnson raised less than 2/3 as much. Unfortunately, in the same period, the campaign’s debts increased from $150,792 to $181,335.

In March, Johnson managed to raise closer to sixty thousand dollars, and paid his debt back down almost to $150,000.

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