Apr 23 2012

Nationwide Poll Finds Gary Johnson at 6%

Source: Independent Political Report

A new poll put out by Public Policy Polling, widely respected for its accuracy, has placed Gary Johnson at 6%. This article has some very biased commentary.

I know what you’re thinking: The damned libertarians are going to blow it by pulling a Nader on Romney. Is that what the data says, though? That 11 percent among indies does fit with a “disaffected Paul fans ready to go third party” narrative, but look closely at the first table. The only group among which Johnson pulls double digits is … “very liberal” voters, who I assume prefer him to O either because they’re disgruntled that Obama didn’t deliver single-payer yet or whatever and are looking for a protest vote or because they really, really like Johnson’s platform on legalizing drugs.

The numbers in the polling show that Johnson should be angling to capture very liberal voters, as well as independents.

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