Apr 20 2012

Social Security Again a Contentious Issue for Constitution Party Platform Committee

Source: Independent Political Report

According to our source, the Constitution Party Platform Committee debated the addition of a three page plank regarding Social Security. The plank would have replaced the current platform language which calls Social Security unconstitutional with a complex plan to ensure that SS remains viable. The SS plank was tabled.

For background, the platform language regarding Social Security has historically been a contentious issue for the CP. I was on the Platform Committee in 2008 and a similar (I assume) plan was introduced and rejected by the Committee. The SS plank was then brought before the convention as a whole (there is a procedure for doing that if a particular faction is upset with the determination of the Platform Committee) and was similarly rejected.

The issue is that some people believe that the CP’s position on Social Security makes it a non-starter with older Americans who might otherwise be sympathetic to the rest of the CP agenda. The plan that was introduced in 2008 was, IIRC, the result of a specific request to fashion a Constitutionally acceptable “fix” for SS. I believe this is one reason there were harder feeling than there might otherwise have been when the plank was summarily rejected.

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