Apr 18 2012

Sean Haugh: Wrights the Only Presidential Choice for the Party of Principle

Source: Independent Political Report

Sean Haugh writes at LibertyForAll.net:

“For 2012, the top two contenders for our nomination are Lee Wrights and former Republican, Gary Johnson. Based on his campaign rhetoric, I’m concerned that if Gary Johnson is our nominee, he will say things as our standard bearer that will cause confusion about the LP brand. That happened in 2008; we don’t need for it to happen two presidential election cycles in a row.”

Haugh contrasts the views of Johnson and Wrights on several key issues and concludes only Wrights holds principled libertarian positions. Johnson wants to replace the income tax; Wrights wants to abolish it. Johnson thinks America should engage in “humanitarian” wars; Wrights wants to end all wars. Johnson wants to keep Gitmo open; Wrights would close it.

His conclusion: “If we don’t put principle at the top of our ticket, what kind of members will we recruit? Those who believe that a tax can be ‘fair’ and can ‘reboot the American economy.’ We’ll recruit people who want to send our troops overseas to engage in ‘humanitarian’ wars. Do we want to send a clear message about what it means to be a libertarian? Or do we want to muddy the waters for another presidential election cycle? Our presidential ticket is our public face, the one seen and heard by the most voters. What do we want the public to see?”

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