Apr 14 2012

Press Release: Reeves Group Encouraged by First Hearing over Future of the Libertarian Party of Oregon

Source: Independent Political Report


Reeves Group Encouraged by First Hearing over Future of the Libertarian Party of Oregon

OREGON CITY – In the first court session related to preliminary motions in the case of Tim Reeves et al. vs. Wes Wagner et al., the Reeves group left encouraged and confident.

In practical terms, the case will determine whether or not the “chair of record” of a political party in Oregon may legally ignore the bylaws of his/her party and unilaterally determine what the bylaws of the party are, who its leaders are, and what the rights of party members are without regard to party rules or the wishes of the membership as expressed in convention.

While not a clear victory for either side, the judge deferred ruling on any of the motions brought by Wagner’s attorneys to dismiss the case, granting leave for additional parties to be added as plaintiffs. This left the Wagner group walking away empty handed, as the case was not dismissed as claimed by Wagner on various Internet forums today.

In contrast, the Reeves group left encouraged believing that if the judge intended to dismiss the case, he would have done so because the matter of additional plaintiffs would be irrelevant if the court thought it did not have jurisdiction or could not hear the case. In any case, the parties specified by the judge are being added as plaintiffs and a ruling on the preliminary motions is expected within a few weeks.

On March 31, 2011, then-chair Wes Wagner and his group of supporters purportedly adopted new governing documents and elected themselves to new terms of office although LPO bylaws clearly state that such things can only be done in a properly noticed state convention. In contrast, the Reeves group of officers did not recognize the actions of the Wagner group as legitimate, and came to office in accordance with the LPO Bylaws in force since the 2009 convention.


Chair: Mr. Tim Reeves, 4278 NE Azaleast, Hillsboro, OR 97124
503-621-4932 / timothy.reeves@tenthamendmentcenter.com

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