Apr 11 2012

RJ Harris Major Campaign Announcement

Source: RJHarris2012.com

Dear Friends and Supporters:

With regret I must report that my campaign has not raised the funds necessary to wage a national campaign for president any longer. Initially it was my belief that we needed a back up candidate to Ron Paul in case he did not win the GOP nomination. However, with Gov. Johnson joining the LP nomination this mission will have to fall to either him or Mr. Lee Wrights now and I wish them both the very best. With Ron Paul leaving the Congress we MUST provide someone to carry on his message there THIS cycle. All along many of you have asked me to run for Congress in 2012 with exactly that concern in mind. So now with the April 13th filing deadline looming this Friday, I am happy to report that I will run, once again, for Oklahoma’s 4th District Congressional Seat. If you are in support of this action then please make the most generous donation you can beginning tonight at midnight so that we can pay the filing fees and seed this campaign to continue the Liberty Message in the Congress. Time is critical so please show your support beginning tonight. For Liberty.

- RJ Harris

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