Apr 11 2012

RJ Harris for Congress | Oklahoma 4th District

Source: RJHarris2012.com

RJ Harris is now running against Tom Cole of Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District. RJ Harris is committed to expanding and empowering constitutional conservative principles across the nation. Tom Cole has failed as a conservative leader in Congress. He voted for bailouts, the patriot act, to fund Planned Parenthood, for the NDAA and he’s a GOP party player. The two party system has failed us in every way conceivable. RJ Harris will fight to restore the Republic and the democratic process by helping to give the American people more choices than a republicrat.

“As a soldier, I pledged my life to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. That very oath, as a young Sergeant in the Army, is what prompted me to read the Constitution for the first time. Since then I have learned that our government is up to a great many things that it should not be and as your Congressman, I pledge my life, liberty, and sacred honor to do all that I can to restore the rule of law, the liberty of all, and the Sovereignty of Oklahoma.” – RJ Harris

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