Apr 11 2012

Oregon Progressive Party Nominates Rocky Anderson for President

Source: Ballot Access News

On April 8, the Oregon Progressive Party state committee nominated Rocky Anderson for President. The party had nominated Ralph Nader for President in Oregon in 2008. Back then, the party’s name was the Peace Party, but it has since changed its name. Oregon, like many states, lets ballot-qualified parties change their names.

On April 10, Ralph Nader appeared at a press conference with Rocky Anderson, in Portland, Oregon. Nader said he supports the decision of the Oregon Progressive Party, and also said he supports Rocky Anderson for President. Nader does not endorse candidates, and did not use the verb “endorse” at the press conference. Nader feels that when someone endorses a candidate, that means the endorser agrees with all of that candidate’s positions. Nader feels that the verb “support” does not have that characteristic.

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