Mar 21 2012

Americans Elect presidential candidate Buddy Roemer defeats both Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich in the Puerto Rico primary

Source: Independent Political Report

According to the results from the Green Papers, former Louisiana governor and current Americans Elect (AE) presidential candidate Buddy Roemer, who previously ran as a Republican, came in third place yesterday at the Puerto Rico Republican presidential primary. He received more votes than both former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Congressman Ron Paul.

Roemer won 2,622 votes (2.21%) behind first place Mitt Romney, who had 98,375 (82.88%), and second place Rick Santorum, who received 9,524 (8.02%). Gingrich finished fourth with 2,431 votes (2.05%), while Paul came in last place with 1,452 (1.22%). Paul actually received less votes than gay rights advocate Fred Karger, who won 1,702 (1.43%). There were 2,590 write-in votes.

Roemer ended his Republican Party presidential campaign last month after announcing he would seek the Reform Party nomination. He has run for the AE nomination since December, and leads all announced candidates on the organization’s website with 1,745 supporters.

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, who announced he would seek the nomination last week is second with 517.

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One Response to “Americans Elect presidential candidate Buddy Roemer defeats both Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich in the Puerto Rico primary”

  1. Say Amen says:

    Roemer spent over three months intensively campaigning every day in New Hampshire, meeting people personally and working the crowd in “retail politics,” the most effective way to obtain votes. He spent $100K in ads in NH. He was on many talk shows on TV and radio and had many interviews with the press in NH. All of this produced a vote in the primary of only 4/10 of 1%, 4 out of 1000 votes. It was a politician’s disgrace.

    In contrast, Roemer spent no time in Puerto Rico, spent no money, was not on the radio or TV, and has no connection at all with the island.
    The only reasonable explanation for this vote was that Roemer’s name was at the top of the ballot, his name and Romney’s name both start with Ro and both have six letters.

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