Mar 18 2012

Rocky Anderson Declares for Americans Elect Nomination

Source: Independent Political Report

Rocky Anderson declared a few months ago that he was going to run for President and form a new party, The Justice Party, in order to attain ballot access. Now, after a few months, he has decided to officially declare for the Americans Elect nomination. This does not necessarily preclude him from continuing his efforts with the Justice Party.

Rocky Anderson, the Justice Party’s candidate for President, declared his candidacy on the Americans Elect website today. The announcement comes in the midst of the Justice Party’s effort to gain ballot access across the country. Although the Justice Party has had some recent setbacks in ballot access acquisition, it continues to grow and expand as America’s fresh face of an independent movement calling for an end to Washington, D.C. corruption.

“Americans Elect provides a unique opportunity to third-party candidates” Anderson states. “It gives the American people the ability to select their choice for President without worrying about the corporate investors backing their campaign. Declared candidates of Americans Elect are selected based on their qualifications rather than the size of their campaign war chest.”

Anderson is a former Democratic mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, so the Americans Elect nomination would require him to pair with a vice presidential candidate who was Republican or at least a perceived right-of-center candidate.

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