Mar 11 2012

BTP Removes Tiffany Briscoe as Presidential Nominee

Source: Independent Political Report

Members of the Boston Tea Party (BTP) have voted to remove student Tiffany Briscoe as the party’s presidential nominee. At the moment, she has been replaced with NOTA (None of the Above).

Briscoe, who falsely claimed she was a member of the Howard Community College Board of Trustees and a graduate of the school, was selected at the BTP’s nominating convention last December. After former opponent Robert Milnes discovered that Briscoe was just a student at the school, BTP chairman Darryl Perry requested she either step down or acknowledge the misrepresentation. She took the latter route, and remained the party’s nominee.

Milnes then requested that the chair’s decision to not remove Briscoe be overturned, citing both the misrepresentation and her failure to make media appearances. After receiving four seconds, the matter was put before the community as a vote. Rampant voting fraud forced Perry to invalidate four votes in support of Briscoe, resulting in a final tally of 9 to 3, meeting the 2/3 majority needed to overturn the chair.

After learning of the vote, Briscoe e-mailed Perry, explaining that she would ignore the membership and continue as the nominee. As posted in the March 2012 open thread, Perry responded:

Ms. Briscoe,
It’s hard to say what would have happened had you honestly represented yourself from the time you decided to seek the BTP nomination. However you did not and the members who voted based on a misrepresentation of facts. After it was discovered that you misrepresented yourself, you were given an opportunity to resign or admit your misrepresentation. Several members petitioned to overturn my acceptance of your statement admitting that you misrepresented yourself and the membership voted to remove you as the nominee. You are no longer the BTP Presidential nominee; to continue representing yourself as such is an act of fraud.
As Chair of the BTP, I will do everything in my power and ability to ensure you are not on any ballot or certified as a write-in candidate as the BTP nominee.

The BTP membership is now deciding whether NOTA will remain as the nominee, if vice presidential nominee Kimberly Johnson-Barrick will take over as the presidential nominee, or if a new convention will be held to select another candidate.

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