Feb 25 2012

Robert David Steele ends campaign for the Reform Party presidential nomination

Source: Independent Political Report

Earth Intelligence Network CEO and Open Source Intelligence advocate Robert David Steele (Vivas) ended his campaign for the Reform Party presidential nomination. He said the following via e-mail:

I got zero traction within the party — I scared them with my wild ideas of creating a team — and I got zero traction with Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson (personal direct contact) as well as zero traction with Ron Paul (two letters) and Dennis Kucinich (one letter, two staff emails). Bottom line is that no one is interested in actually getting right. Rocky was a particular disappointment. He called me. I suggested he run for the Reform Party nomination and leverage that to be included in all the debates.

My gut feeling is that none of the candidates are taking our crisis seriously — they are all playing a personal game, not a team game, and I just do not see a positive outcome in the near term.

It was a HUGE education for me — a priceless valuable use of my time. Have officially informed FEC that I have closed down. I would certainly like to support anyone willing to create a team and go for broke, but like Lee Iacocca said in his book by this title, “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?”

America is in deep shit, and I see no one on the horizon able to break out of the two-party corruption that enables Wall Street and the various complexes that continue to destroy the Republic and loot the Treasury.

This announcement comes just as former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer announced his candidacy for the party’s nomination. Others candidates include fitness model Andre Barnett, and economist Dick McCormick, who was recently added to the Reform Party candidates list.

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