Feb 22 2012

National Committee Removes all Presidential Candidates from LP.org

Source: Independent Political Report

From the Libertarian Party blog:

The candidates running for the Libertarian nomination for president have been removed per the vote of the Libertarian National Committee.

See the only one-sentence blog entry on the LP website in recent memory here.


Interestingly, this decision is exactly the opposite of what the general membership apparently desires. According to the most recent poll, the membership thinks all candidates should be listed, without qualification.

Here are the results of the most recent poll:

Should the Libertarian Party list presidential candidates at its web site?
Yes. List every Libertarian presidential candidate that we know of without qualification.
27% (712 votes)
Limited: List every candidate who is a dues-paying member of the LP and has a functioning web site.
21% (557 votes)
Limited: List every candidate who meets the above criteria, plus meets the approval of at least 5 LNC members.
16% (421 votes)
Limited: List every candidate who meets the criteria and is not disqualified by at least 12 (2/3rds) of LNC members.
15% (404 votes)
Limited: List every candidate who petitions LP members and gets at least 100 to approve their being listed.
10% (270 votes)
Use other limits, or do something else: Go to our Facebook page and post your ideas!
3% (68 votes)
No. Candidates should generate their own publicity and makes themselves known to LP members.
7% (191 votes)
Total votes: 2623

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