Feb 20 2012

RJ Harris: Active Campaigning | How You Can Help RJ Win

Source: RJHarris2012.com

There are a variety of ways to help the campaign right from home. Additionally, we have a flyer and some other tools available for ground level campaigning. Please take note that we have a dedicated help page where you can go to find out more information on volunteering for the campaign. You may also download Avatars, Logos and Banners from our dedicated avatars page.

The biggest obstacles for any campaign is name recognition and fundraising. In order to win the Libertarian Party Nomination, we need to show that RJ Harris is not only the best candidate to deliver a libertarian message, but that he has a strong following to accompany that message.

A Message from RJ

“We continue to get requests from supporters all over the country saying that they want to volunteer for the campaign. Well the MOST important thing we need RIGHT NOW is for all of those wanting to volunteer to be hitting the social networks and blogs with every spare minute they can give us. Each person could be reaching thousands by posting nice comments about me with link backs to the Facebook Page or main website; not just on your own walls but also on political groups or news page walls. Also making responses to online fox news or local news stories about the presidential race which state support for RJ Harris 2012 and include the link to the main website would reach thousands and get the attention of the news moderators. So please get out there and BLOG like there is no tomorrow and let’s show the old dogs our new trick.” :) RJ Harris


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