Feb 20 2012

‘Dapper Don of Dirty Deeds’ Re-Registers Libertarian, Vilifies NY Libertarians

Source: Independent Political Report

From an article at the Examiner.com:

Roger J. Stone Jr, the celebrated political consultant, lobbyist and strategist, and youngest staffer on Richard Nixon’s 1972 re-election campaign, announced Wednesday that he has quit the Republican Party. Stone – who has been noted for his use of opposition research for Republican candidates – is now registered as a Libertarian.

My first experience with the Libertarian Party was in New York where a small faction of anarchists held a state convention while refusing to allow all candidates access to the rules and a list of the voting delegates. Joe Stalin would have been proud of the tactics used to nominate a non-libertarian registered Republican who had only recently run as a candidate for the left-wing Green Party. But these childish tactics are not the norm in the largely democratic Libertarian Party. I have found Libertarian Party activists in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Colorado, Washington, and Michigan have proven to be democratic, reasonable, dedicated and interested in victory.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Roger Stone Quits Republican Party – Fort Lauderdale City Buzz | Examiner.com
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For more information about Stone, see his website.
For more information about Warren Redlich, see his website. Redlich has an article at his site about the Gary Johnson – Roger Stone link (December 26, 2011).

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