Feb 01 2012

New National Voter Registration Data Shows Very Little Change Compared to October 2010

Source: Ballot Access News

All 29 states (as well as the District of Columbia) that have registration by party have now released fairly current registration data. The new data in all cases is as of September 2011, October 2011, November 2011, December 2011, or January 2012.

National totals show Democrats with 42.64% of the registered voters in those states, Republicans with 30.79%, independents 24.37%, and minor parties at 2.19%.

These percentages are very similar to the data from October and November 2010. Those figures showed: Democrats 42.98%, Republicans 30.58%, independents 24.27%, and minor parties at 2.17%.

On December 22, 2011, USA Today published a story that claimed that recent registration data shows that voters are “leaving the major parties in droves”, but that article did not provide any data. The report seems to be untrue. The February 1, 2012 printed Ballot Access News will include the registration by state for each party.

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