Jan 25 2012

Americans Elect Petition Approved in Maine

Source: Ballot Access News

The Maine petition to put Americans Elect on the 2012 ballot has enough valid signatures, according to the Secretary of State. This is probably the 2nd toughest petition drive that Americans Elect has completed so far. The number of signatures is very large, and no one can sign unless he or she is a registered voter but not a registered member of any of the three qualified parties. The requirement is 28,639 signatures, 5% of the 2010 gubernatorial vote total. Because the deadline is so early, the signatures had to be gathered in the autumn and early part of the winter.

The only other party that ever completed this Maine party petition was the Reform Party, in 1995.

Americans Elect won’t be ballot-qualified in Maine, despite this petition success, until it holds a town caucus in at least 14 of the 16 counties. UPDATE: Americans Elect needs a town caucus in all 16 counties. Although the law was changed in 2011 to reduce the number of counties, the law only affects parties that were already on the ballot in the preceding election, an obvious equal protection violation.

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