Jan 05 2012

Roger Gary on the Entry of Gov. Johnson into the LP Race

Source: Independent Political Report

From a media release sent to IPR by the Roger Gary campaign:

Roger Gary’s statement on the entry of Gov. Gary Johnson into the race for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination

“While most Libertarians, including myself, would disagree with Gov. Johnson on some of the issues, he, like Representative Ron Paul, has distinguished himself from the “politics-as-usual” Republicans running for that party’s presidential nomination.

“The refusal by the Republican establishment to include Gov. Johnson in presidential debates and straw polls shows how hostile that establishment is to the concept of small and limited government. This is also shown by their treatment of Dr. Paul Likewise, their treatment of Gov. Roemer shows that they are hostile toward a candidate who, while not as committed to small government as Gary Johnson and Ron Paul, has a record of refusing to “go along to get along”.

“Now that Gov. Johnson has entered the Libertarian presidential race, I will welcome the chance to compare platforms as we meet potential delegates across America. His entry will certainly make it more difficult for the Establishment media to pretend no alternative exists to the two wings of The Beltway Party.

“That said, however, let us remember that nominating candidates whose previous political history has been with other parties has never come close to achieving the breakthrough that supporters of such candidates keep claiming such a move will achieve.”


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