Nov 22 2011

Two Independents Elected to Louisiana Legislature in This Year’s Election

Source: Ballot Access News

Louisiana elects all its state officers in the odd years before presidential election years. This year the first round was on October 22, and if no one received at least 50% in the first round, a run-off was held on November 19. Two independents were elected in this year’s election to the State House.

The first independent was an incumbent, Jerome “Dee” Richard. He was re-elected on October 22, 2011. He had also been elected as an independent four years earlier. In the first round, in the 55th district, he polled 78.04% against a Republican.

The second independent elected this year is Terry Brown, in the 22nd district in north central Louisiana. He had placed second in the first round, where the results had been: Billy Chandler, incumbent Republican, 40.83%; Terry Brown 33.31%; Tim Murphy, Republican, 25.85%. In the November 19 run-off, the vote is: Terry Brown 52.40%, Billy Chandleer 47.60%. See this story.

In 2007, an independent named Joel Robideaux had been elected as an independent in the 45th district. Although he was re-elected in 2011, by then he had become a Republican. His only opponent in the October 22, 2011 election was Libertarian W. David Chance, who polled 21.19% against 78.81% for Robideaux. Thanks to Randall Hayes for the link.

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