Nov 13 2011

Greens Poll 27% in “Nation’s Largest Mock Election”, at Western Illinois University

Source: Ballot Access News

Western Illinois University, in McComb, Illinois, since 2007, has held “the nation’s largest mock election” for President. A year before the actual election, students mimic the role of primary voters, caucus attendees, and hold mock presidential nomination procedures. Then there is a mock campaign, and a mock general election. See this story.

This year, the process started on October 25. The mock primary/caucus process produced three tickets: Democrats nominated Barack Obama for President and Hillary Clinton for Vice-President; Republicans nominated Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan; Greens nominated Jill Stein and Kent Mesplay. Then, at the mock general election, the results were 39% for the Democratic ticket, 33% for the Republican ticket, 27% for the Green ticket, and 1% other.

Libertarians were involved but they chose to work for Ron Paul in the mock Republican convention. Jill Stein spoke on campus, and this obviously helped the Green campaign, because no other actual presidential candidates appeared on campus. See this story at Green Party Watch, which has a link to Stein’s speech. Also, see this additional coverage at Jill Stein’s web page.

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