Nov 11 2011

Minnesota Independence Party Would Prefer to Skip 2012 U.S. Senate Race, and Concentrate on Legislative Races

Source: Ballot Access News

According to this story, Minnesota Independence Party leaders would rather not run anyone for U.S. Senate in 2012, and instead concentrate on recruiting strong candidates for the state legislature. Fortunately for the party, it successfully lobbied a few years ago for a change in the definition of “political party”. If a qualified party polls 5% for any statewide race, then it gets the next two elections, not just one election. Therefore, the party won’t jeopardize its status in 2014, even if it skips the statewide races in 2012.

The only statewide races in Minnesota in 2012 are President and U.S. Senate. Ever since the Minnesota Independence Party disaffiliated from the national Reform Party, it has never had a presidential nominee. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the link.

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