Oct 03 2011

Text of Pennsylvania Bill on Presidential Electors is Now Available

Source: Ballot Access News

The text of Pennsylvania SB 1282, which provides that each U.S. House district should elect its own presidential elector, is now available here. The bill is badly worded. It implies that nominees of qualified parties for presidential elector must live in the district they seek to represent, but the bill makes no mention of independent presidential candidates, or the nominees of unqualified parties. If the bill passes as written, it will be subject to litigation because it is so unclear.

Current law says that the presidential nominees of qualified parties choose candidates for presidential elector. This already-existing provision is unique to Pennsylvania; no other state tells the presidential nominees themselves that they must choose their candidates for presidential elector. In other states, the state parties choose the candidates for presidential elector.

The bill, on page two, says the presidential nominees of qualified parties “shall designate one nominee from each congressional district.” This suggests that the nominee must live in that district, but does not make this clear.

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