Oct 03 2011

LNC reportedly voting by email whether to follow Judicial Committee decision on Oregon

Source: Independent Political Report

Following the national Libertarian Party Judicial Committee decision that the group led by Wes Wagner is the legitimate LP affiliate in Oregon, and that LPHQ is to restore effective recognition to that affiliate through web linking and sharing of membership data for their state, the LNC is now allegedly voting whether or not to follow the Judicial Committee decision, according to George Phillies in IPR comments and one confidential source via phone call.

According to these sources,

There is now a motion before the Libertarian National Committee

Votes are due to the LNC Secretary by 10/16/2011, 11:59:59pm Pacific time.

Sponsors: Mary Ruwart, Doug Craig, Vicki Kirkland, Norm Olsen

Motion: That the LNC direct our ED to reinstate Wagner et al. as our official LPOregon affiliate as per the JC decision of 8/26/2011 and the JC Clarification of 9/23/2011.

My anonymous source claims that the votes are currently 5-2 to not follow the Judicial Committee decision.

My anonymous source says that members of the LNC have told him or her that there are not enough votes to disaffiliate the Oregon LP, which would be the only other course allowed by the Judicial Committee decision.

For further background see previous reports here and here. The second link has links to even earlier reports.


UPDATE: In the comments of this post, George Phillies is liveblogging the votes as they allegedly come in. Since these votes are not officially public at this time, readers will have to decide for themselves whether they believe that the information as leaked to and presented by Dr. Phillies is accurate.


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