Sep 29 2011

New York City Releases Official Returns from September 13 Special Congressional Election

Source: Ballot Access News

New York City Board of Elections says the official vote totals for the special election, U.S. House 9th district, from September 13, are:

Bob Turner, 32,526 votes on the Republican line and 4,816 votes on the Conservative line.
David Weprin, 31,285 votes on the Democratic line, 1,425 on the Working Families line, and 946 on the Independence Party line
Chris Hoeppner, 143 votes on the Socialist Workers Party line

The Hoeppner vote, which is only .20%, is astonishingly low. Generally, when three candidates are on the ballot in a special election, it is unheard of for any of the three to poll less than one-half of 1%.

Furthermore, the day after the election, the unofficial vote totals had been announced as:

Bob Turner, 27,867 votes on the Republican line and 4,536 on the Conservative line.
David Weprin, 25,587 on the Democratic line, 1,248 on the Working Families line, and 764 on the Independence line
Chris Hoeppner, 277 on the Socialist Workers line.

The official totals are bigger than the election night returns for every party line, except for the Socialist Workers line. On the Socialist Workers line, the final total is only half as many votes as the election night total.

It is also plausible that the design of the ballot was such that it was difficult for an ordinary voter to even see Chris Hoeppner’s name on the ballot. Ballot Access News is trying to find a picture of the ballot.

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