Sep 23 2011

Americans Elect: Press Release: While Republicans Offer More of the Same, Americans Elect Delegates Are Shaping the Debate for the Nation

Source: Americans Elect

Americans Elect Delegates answered 5 million questions and ask Republicans to answer a few

WASHINGTON, D.C. September 23, 2011 — In the same week that Americans Elect, a non-profit bipartisan nominating process, launched Project 500 — a nationwide grassroots endeavor to recruit delegates from all across the country and involve them in the political process on a daily and ongoing basis — Fox News and Google are airing a GOP Republican debate, offering the American people only one night of participation by allowing them to submit their online questions to the candidates.

Americans Elect is asking the Republican candidates to answer the same 9 core questions as the Americans Elect delegates have. “Americans Elect gives Americans not only an opportunity to answer questions about the issues that are important to them,” said Joshua Levine, Americans Elect Chief Technology Officer, “but allows the delegates to prioritize the importance of these issues and shape the national debate. This is the critical difference.”

To date, Americans Elect delegates from the across the political spectrum answered 5 million questions on The 9 core questions that every DELEGATE has already answered include:

ECONOMY: What is your stance on the US budget deficit? Are in you in favor of more spending cuts, more tax increases or some combination of both?

ENERGY: What is your stance on America’s energy needs? Do you favor investment in renewables or more drilling or some combination of both?

HEALTHCARE: What do you think the government’s role in health should be?

IMMIGRATION: What is your stance on illegal immigration? Do you think that all or most illegal immigrants should stay in the country or all or most illegal immigrants be deported?

FOREIGN POLICY: When you think about the US pursuing its interests abroad, to what extent should the US listen to other countries?

EDUCATION: What is your stance on educational curriculae? Should it be set by the local school boards, by national standards, or some combination of both?

SOCIAL ISSUES: When you think about the rights of same-sex couples, do you believe they should be allowed to marry or only allowed to form a civil union?

ENVIRONMENT: What is your stance on our use of Natural Resources? Do think it exists for the benefit of humanity or should it be completely protected or a combination of both?

REFORM: Should we make this country great by returning to the values of our forefathers or keep building and adapting for the future?

These core questions create a base from which Americans Elect offers all Americans who sign up an ongoing conversation about the issues they care about. Through its Web site, and the launch this week of Project 500, Americans Elect presents every registered voter a place, both online and on the ground, to come and discuss the issues, shape the political debate, and direct input in building the platform of questions each candidate will be required to answer as part of the eventual nominating process, regardless of party affiliation. Americans Elect is about continuous participation in the political process, not just during one debate, one forum or one rally.

Americans Elect is the first online presidential nomination that is independent of the major parties. Every registered voter can be a delegate. Any constitutionally-eligible citizen can be a candidate.


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