Sep 13 2011

Wayne Root would welcome Gary Johnson to Libertarian Presidential race

Source: Independent Political Report

Email from Wayne Root:

Gary Johnson is a friend of mine. We’re fans of each other’s politics. We’ve spoken often over the past few years. He is a constant guest on my radio shows. I was honored to speak back to back with Gary at the Conservative Leadership Conference held in Nevada this past July. I was the opening speaker at FreedomFest, where Gary also spoke this summer.

On all of his many radio appearances with me, I’ve yet to find an issue we disagree on. Gary and I never fail to both comment on “our mutual admiration society.” On most every issue we are compatible Libertarian-conservatives who believe in smaller government, dramatically reduced spending, reduced entitlements, lower taxes, and a pro business attitude.

I’d welcome Gary’s addition to the LP in any capacity. He’d make a wonderful Libertarian officeholder, leader or Presidential/Vice Presidential candidate. His record as the 2-term Governor of New Mexico is among the most fiscally conservative in the nation. I applaud literally everything Gary did as Governor, from his tax cuts, to his spending cuts, to his leading the nation in vetoes. If we had 535 Gary Johnson’s in Congress, this country would not be in economic crisis right now.

I’ve personally encouraged Gary in numerous private conversations- including most recently at the Conservative Leadership Conference- to join the LP and consider running for our Presidential ticket. He’d be one heck of an addition. I look forward to continuing my discussions with Gary in the near future.

Wayne Allyn Root
Former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee

Gary Johnson’s possible interest in switching from the Republican race, where he is polling in the very low single digits and being excluded from most debates (even though candidates who are polling even lower than him are being included), has been been published by IPR here and here.

In IPR comments, we have been told that some Johnson staffers have officially denied those rumors, but I have not been able to find those denials. I have sent an email to the Johnson campaign to see if they would say anything for the record (I understand that they can’t confirm the rumors if they are true, but I am looking to see if I can get a denial that I can publish if they are not).

Lee Wrights has a more negative reaction to the possibility of Johnson seeking the LP nomination here, and I have emailed the other candidates currently running for the LP presidential nomination for their reactions.



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