Jul 24 2011

New York Special U.S. House Election Will Have 3 Candidates on Ballot

Source: Ballot Access News

The New York special election set for September 13, to fill the vacant U.S. House seat, 9th district, will have three candidates on the ballot. The Democratic-Working Families-Independence candidate is David Weprin. The Republican-Conservative candidate is Robert Turner. The Socialist Workers Party candidate is Christopher Hoeppner. Hoeppner got on the ballot by petition, and no one challenged that petition.

The Socialist Workers Party has not had many candidates on the ballot for U.S. House in recent years, but the few it has run have polled relatively high shares of the vote, at least in comparison to the party’s showings historically. In 2010 the SWP had candidates on the ballot in two districts: Iowa’s 3rd district, which includes Des Moines, where Rebecca Williamson received 6,258 votes (2.60%); and New York’s 15th district, which includes Harlem, where Roger Calero received 2,647 votes (2.33%).

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